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    Dry Clearners

Welcome to Imperial Cleaners - Shirt Laundry

Every item is inspected carefully to determine any flaws and if you’d like repairs done, we’ll take care of that for you. Each item is perfectly pressed to ensure that you’re business shirts are crisp, clean, and impeccably dressed

Wedding Gowns and Vintage Clothing

How do you ensure the proper care of clothing that you’d like to pass down to future generations? Wedding gowns and vintage clothing require special care. Every detail must be reviewed to ensure proper wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

Find Imperial

Imperial Cleaning is conveniently located at 3013 Indianola Ave. (just north of Weber) Please view the map to assist you if you are uncertain about locating our expert cleaners.

Alternatively, you may phone before your arrival to receive directions or give us special instructions about your cleaning.